Kano State Scholarships Board, Kano
Abdullahi Bayero Way, Nassarawa, P.M.B. 3105, Kano - Nigeria

Overseas Scholarship

Award and Remittance for Overseas Courses
All conditions for the application, award or services, of Kano State Scholarships, in or outside Nigeria, are the same except in few cases such as Payments of Allowances and Fees, procedures for Extension and Formal Approval of the Award.

Here the Board is to select and submit formal recommendation of suitably qualified applicants, for overseas training, to His Excellency, the Governor of Kano State through the Hon. Commissioner for Higher Education for approval.

All award holders, studying in a Country Overseas, are listed in one (1) Payment Voucher payable to a prescribed agent of the Nigerian Embassy or Nigeria High Commission (or General Consulate of Nigeria where applicable) in that country for onward transfer to the students and institutions concerned.

The agent is usually the Education Attaché of the Nigerian Embassy or an Agency, such as the Nigeria High Commission, or any related Organization, in the case of New Students who are yet to reach the country of study. For the Continuing Students, going by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rule, a remittance of Living Expenses and Tuition Fees should be made directly into Student Personal Account and of the Institution respectively.

All applications for Extension Overseas must be passed through the Institutions of Study to the Nigerian Embassy in that country for endorsement to the Board filing all the relevant academic documents.